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StockWize is an easy to use stock market monitoring software for Windows
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27 August 2011

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This is a stock market monitoring software.

StockWize is an easy to use stock market monitoring software. It works in the Windows environment. It displays near real time stock quotes from stock exchanges. This is done for selected stocks. The interface makes it easy to add, delete or modify the list of stocks you are going to monitor. The display is straightforward. It shows you the ticker name. The name of the exchange sending the quote, current quoted price, change from last quote in percentage terms, and the last transaction that happened on the stock showing date and time of it. You get a straight view of the kind of activities happening on the stocks that you have targeted. The interface does not have any other controls. The display changes, in one click, to historical data of the selected stock. The appliance could be working all the time, minimized to the system task bar.

This is a simple application, a stock ticker really. There is some value add in terms of reducing the display only to the selected few stocks and the changes in prices etc. The 1 year historical data is useful too. But beyond that there are not much additional inputs. Nor does it let you trade from the same terminal. Based on the picture you get from this application you will have to go to another terminal possibly to make a trade, if you wanted to. It has good functionality to the extent that it goes. Even novices should be able to use it, no training needed.

Publisher's description

StockWize is an easy to use stock market monitoring software fow Windows. StockWize allows you to quickly view near real time stock quotes from stock exchanges in an easy format, manage the monitored market stocks list, view historical market data for selected stock ticker
* Monitor stock market quotes
* Manage stocks portfolio
* Add stock tickers to monitor
* Delete stock ticker from monitored list
* One click to view 1 year historical data
* Minimize into system task bar
Version 1.2
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